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By Jerry Bribiesca posted on September 29th 2015 Back

The TRID effective date is just around the corner. Are you ready like we are? We decided to place all of our guides in one easy to find place.


Ordering (Loan Estimate/Closing Disclosure) documents Integrated Disclosure Guide (PDF)
PPDocs Fee History guide PPDocs Fee History Guide (PDF)
Ordering Closing (Full Package/Closing Disclosure) documents Guide to Ordering Closing Documents (PDF)
To Order a Redraw Guide to Order a Redraw (PDF)
Texas Attorney ReviewTexas Attorney Review Ordering Guide
Combined One Time Disclosures Guide to Ordering a Combined One Time (PDF)

Stella Loan Editor:

Stella Loan Editor How To VideoStella Loan Editor Video
Using Stella Loan Editor GuideUsing Stella Loan Editor Guide (PDF)
To Order a Redraw using Stella Loan EditorGuide to Order a Redraw using Stella (PDF)


PPDocs Administration Guide PPDocs Admin Guide (PDF)


Collaboration Guide Collaboration Guide (PDF)
Collaboration How To (Settlement Agents) Collaboration Video (Video)


e-Sign (Borrower Guide) e-Sign (Borrower Guide)
e-Sign (Send from Order Form) e-Sign (Send from Order Form)
e-Sign (Send from Case File) e-Sign (Send from Case File)
e-Sign (Send Own Package (Custom)) e-Sign (Send Own Package (Custom))


eRecording Guide eRecording Guide (PDF)
Creating/Editing Templates Creating/Editing Templates (PDF)
FarmerMac Ordering Guide FarmerMac Guide (PDF)
POA and Trust Review Guide POA/Trust Guide (PDF)
eDisclosure Guide (Borrower) eDisclosure (Borrower) (PDF)


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