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These are also referred to as full service products. We make sure you have the correct documents for each transaction. We take every precaution to ensure that all your bases are covered. We provide all documents that we feel are necessary to make the loan compliant, PLUS any custom documents that you request. We are the lender’s attorney.


  • We take care of document selection and compliance
  • PPDocs works with your investor
  • Fees paid by borrower at closing
  • No contracts or commitments. Pay only for the services you use.

Residential Mortgage Documents

Full service residential mortgage document preparation. We run calculations, run audits, select documents, prepare closing instructions, review title commitment, and review the survey.

Custom Bank Loan Documents

Full service residential bank loans or loans not sold in the secondary market. We can prepare documentation of your custom / creative in-house loans. We do what most other doc-prep companies cannot, and we do it very well.

Mechanic’s Lien Loan Documents

Full service residential construction loan document preparation. These include loans with multiple draw Note, interim construction, home improvements, or even loans with guarantors.

Master Guidance Line Documents

Full service guidance line documents to reduce the time and money spent at each closing. We can help you create the master loan agreement for your high volume builders.

One Time Closing Documents

This is a construction loan and a permanent loan rolled into one product. With only one closing and one set of documents, it is time and cost effective.

Loan Modification

Full service loan modification package. We can modify the terms and other features of the loan by preparing a loan modification agreement. Many other documents are included depending on the situation.

Express Products

Express products are those in which PPDocs, Inc. does not review the title commitment or survey and is not responsible for incorrect input data or document selection. Express products are available in seconds for downloading and printing. This is recommended for the most advanced real estate professional or real estate attorney


  • Faster turnaround time. Loan packages are generated online in seconds.
  • Lower cost. Billed monthly by transaction with no redraw fee. Volume discounts available.
  • Control. You can select and get documents 24/7.

Early Disclosures

Produce the federally required upfront disclosures online. This service include free print and mail out to consumer option.

Residential Mortgage Documents

This product was developed especially for attorneys in need of a document preparation system, but do not wish to maintain a massive document library. Express closing documents are currently available for conventional, FHA, VA, and Texas home equity loans.

Legal Documents Only

State and federal government documents that affect title only. This option does not provide the entire library of ancillary documents. Only Notes, Addendums, Deeds, Riders, Allonges and Assignments are available with this product

Farmer Mac Loan Documents

We are the preferred document preparation provider for Farmer Mac. We have worked closely with Farmer Mac to develop a national set of conforming loan documents as well as integrate with the AgPower loan origination system.


Generate and electronically deliver the GFE, HUD-1 and related required forms.

Aggregate Escrow Disclosure

Run calculations used to establish the initial escrow account . Generate the Aggregate Escrow Account Disclosure Statement and the Calculation of Escrow Adjustment Entry.

Additional Products

Texas Attorney Legal Review

We provide a fast, affordable Texas Attorney Legal Review for compliance with Government Code, Chapter 83. Let PPDocs review your documents and provide the compliance you are looking for. For more information, click here: Texas Attorney Legal Review

Trust and POA Review

We also provide reviews by our experienced staff for Trust Agreements and Power of Attorney’s. This review can be done in addition to the documents we are preparing, or as a separate service.

Electronic Recording

Electronically record documents with the county clerk. Get recording information within hours instead of days

Electronic Disclosures

Email initial disclosures to the borrower for review, consent and electronic signatures. This product is compliant with the E-Sign Act.

Secure Document Delivery

A solution for organizations to deliver documents securely over the internet. We offer security options, such as password protection and challenge response questions, along with delivery and download tracking.

Pre-Closing and Post-Closing Fulfillment

Services include, but are not limited to: pre-closing HUD-1 review, funds request, funding approval, closed loan package audit and delivery, credit package delivery, investor purchase, and final document delivery.

Loan Modification API

Service portal to generate workout loan modifications in bulk or batches. Another innovative solution from PPDocs, Inc.

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